Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About that bootleg Bib Fortuna figure...

 The ravenous Suck-Heads have been scouring the new episode of Toy Lords of Chinatown  looking for clues about shit they can buy. That shitty Bib Fortuna Bootleg that Vectar tries to force on The Galactic jerkbag has been the source of much speculation....

Is this some secret Suckadelic figure that will be released at some future date?
The Short answer is.... No.

The figure in question is a real Mexican bootleg that I acquired at a 
swap meet in a hotel bar at Star Wars Celebration IV. 

Apparently there are tons of these fake, shitty-ass knock-off figures 
from places likePoland, Turkey, Brasil, and Russia. 
There are weird groups of collectors that specialize in this crap. 

Oh God...

I stole these images from The STAR WARS COLLECTORS ARCHIVE run by Gus Lopez. 
If you dig this stuff then you should check out their archive. 
You will not believe how many they made and how terrible they are...

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  1. You know, I gotta start collect crap like this for fun. I go to swamp meets every now and then, but nothing gold like this.
    That Boba looks like trash!