Wednesday, February 29, 2012



PHILLIPS de PURY Auction house is pimping a HUGE lot of SUCKADELIC Classics in their latest Art Auction: UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

78 hard to find Bootlegs, vinyls, and pegs, INCLUDING a one-off exclusive-for-this-sale-only SIMON de PURY Under The Influence Black Suit edition! Only available in this lot! Bid Now Baby! The Gavel goes down on MARCH 8!
Dope, right? Well don't worry, we know you want this, so we also made a basic ACTION AUCTIONEER figure that is available to the public in the Suckadelic JERKSTORE!
Featuring Simon in his Classic Blue suit. Get em while they hot!Viewing of this auction starts this weekend. Go take a look. There is lots of other dope shit including some drawings by WORK OF ART winner KIMYA NAWABI. Word on the street is that she may have a Toy ready to sell in time for this. Stay Tuned...

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